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Welcome to Invincible Solopreneurs! Are you ready to discover the power, freedom, and joy of solopreneurship?

I haven’t worked for a boss in 14 years! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing that feeling is.

There’s nothing better than leaving a 9-5 job behind and never going back to the unpleasant world of:

  • Waking up to early-morning alarms.

  • Commuting in rush hour traffic.

  • Reporting to a boss you can’t stand.

  • Working with annoying coworkers.

  • Doing work you don’t enjoy.

  • Not being respected or valued.

  • Not getting paid what you’re worth.

  • Not living up to your full potential.

  • Not spending enough time with your friends and family.

  • Not having enough time or energy to take care of your health and fitness.

I'm Larry Cornett, the Freedom Coach. I frequently work with frustrated employees who want to escape their 9-5 jobs and launch their own businesses someday.

I coach people who want to maximize their lifetime earning potential, become invulnerable to economic instability, and take control of how they spend their days.

I spent over 2 decades in the Silicon Valley tech industry and millions of dollars launching new businesses, products, and services. I've had some wins, and I've also learned how to avoid the mistakes many new business owners make.

About 14 years ago, I left my corporate career behind to build my own business to reclaim my freedom, health, and life. I never went back to a job, and I’ve never been happier. 😊

I want to help you do the same!

I’ve spent these past years of freedom creating the life I want. It involved:

  • Leaving my 9-5 job and launching my own business.

  • Learning how to market my services and fall in love with sales (using my own unique sales framework).

  • Working with amazing clients and spending time with the people I want to be around every day.

  • Taking control of my calendar to work when and where I choose.

  • Recovering my health and fitness, and enjoying nature every day.

  • Moving where I could enjoy more time outdoors and escape the crowding and nightmare traffic of the Bay Area in California.

  • Becoming more intentional in how I live my life.

  • Rebuilding my relationships with my wife and children.

In this newsletter, I share what I’ve learned with you. I hope my advice will help you pursue the life of your dreams so you can be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Are you ready to learn how you can quit your 9-5 job to build the business you’ve been thinking about for years?

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When I talk with people who dream of starting their own businesses — but hesitate to make the leap into solopreneurship — these are some of the questions and concerns they have.

Where do I find customers?

  • There are different ways to find and attract customers who need what you’re offering. My Invincible Content Factory model is one part of the system. My approach to strategic networking activities is another. All of this is covered in my newsletter, workshops, and courses.

I hate sales, so how do I get people to buy?

  • Some people are a natural when it comes to sales, and they love it! But, many of us do not. I used to hate sales, too. I tried the traditional methods that the “sales gurus” recommend and it felt inauthentic to me. But I eventually created my own Invincible Sales Method, which changed everything! I actually enjoy my sales calls now because they aren’t “sales calls.” I’m happy to teach you this method, too.

How do I figure out what to sell?

  • If you follow my process of transforming yourself from “employee to solopreneur,” the answer is right in front of you. Attend one of my upcoming workshops and learn how in 2 hours!

Isn’t solopreneurship lonely?

  • Solopreneurship can be lonely if you let it be that way. After all, you don’t have coworkers, a boss, or an office surrounded by other employees. That’s one reason I created Invincible Solopreneurs and the community of supportive people who are a part of it. You don’t have to be alone on this journey. We’re here to help, give feedback, answer questions, and support you when you need it most. Join us and be part of a community of other ambitious small business owners!

How do I set my prices?

  • Pricing is indeed tricky. There is no simple answer because it depends on what you’re selling, your competitors, and your ideal customers. But I do have a process for exploring your pricing model and testing to get the right answer.

How can I build a business on my budget?

  • I often share the story about building my first business in about a day and for $0 before I landed my first big customer the next day. I was immediately able to support my family. You can create a business in less than a month for less than $30. Join us and find out how!

Larry Cornett is a leadership coach and business advisor. If you’re interested in starting your own business or side hustle someday (or accelerating an existing one), check out his “Employee to Solopreneur” workshop and community (launching soon).

Larry lives in Northern California near Lake Tahoe with his wife and a gigantic Great Dane. He does his best to share advice to help others take complete control of their work and life. He’s also on Mastodon.

Larry Cornett
The founder of Invincible Solopreneurs

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I'm a freedom coach for your business, career, and life. I help ambitious people do more of what they love and less of what they hate.