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🌟 Upcoming Workshop for Invincible Solopreneurs (Issue #8)

🌟 Upcoming Workshop for Invincible Solopreneurs (Issue #8)

I would love to get your thoughts on this agenda

Can you give me a little feedback?

I’ve been planning an upcoming 2-hour workshop for all of you who are interested in solopreneurship. The focus will be on transitioning from a 9-5 job to launching your solopreneur business quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

My goal is to show you how you can define, design, and test a business concept in just a few weeks. I want you to generate revenue as soon as possible. A steady stream of income from your business will give you the confidence you need to leave your job someday and say goodbye to your boss forever.

I want to focus on the core essentials you need to create a simple and effective business based on what you already know and can do well. I will not overload the 2-hour session because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.

I’m always here, and my solopreneur community will always be available later for people who want to keep engaging, learning more, and getting feedback as they build and grow their businesses. So, starting with the basics is okay since we can expand on specific details and more advanced topics later.

My questions for you are below. You can also leave a comment with more details about what you’d like to see in a workshop like this.

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Workshop format

I’ve attended “Talking Head” workshops before (i.e., pure lecture format with an instructor). They were ok, and I did learn new things. But, I’ve always preferred more active workshops when we made time for discussions and Q&A.

So, I want you to engage, talk with me and others, and ask questions. That’s why I’m planning this as a workshop instead of a webinar or live lecture.

How do you feel about that? What’s your preferred format?


Ok, now let’s review the proposed agenda. I would love to get your feedback on this, too.

Rough agenda

In the podcast audio for this newsletter, I go into more detail about each of these agenda items. So, scroll up and hit play if you’re interested in hearing more about them.

  1. Transforming your current expertise into a business model and plan.

  2. Breakout session: What is your business concept?

  3. Building the simplest website possible.

  4. Qualifying interested leads with discovery calls.

  5. Writing proposals for potential clients.

  6. Breakout session: Service models and pricing strategies.

  7. Setting up your purchase and payment flows.

  8. Writing consulting agreements and contracts.

  9. Working with your customers to deliver value.

  10. Asking for testimonials and referrals.

There will be some time at the end for Q&A with me, too.

  • What’s missing from the agenda?

  • What would you like me to include?

  • Is there anything you’d like me to remove?

  • What changes would you want to see with the agenda?

Let me know in the comments. I really do want to make this workshop useful and valuable, so please share your thoughts.

More thoughts

I’m considering offering a few options for the workshop:

  1. Workshop only.

  2. Workshop + an hour of 1-on-1 business coaching with me.

  3. Workshop + monthly membership in my Solopreneur community.

  4. Workshop + lifetime membership in my Solopreneur community.

What are your thoughts on these options? Which ones do you find most interesting?

Note: the community membership would also give you access to workshop replays, discounts on future workshops on other topics, and free sessions with various domain experts (e.g., podcasting, newsletters, sales, marketing, etc.).


Thank you for taking the time to respond! I appreciate it. 🙂

Your input and feedback will help me create a better workshop that meets your needs. I’m looking forward to it!

By the way, do you have a friend who might be interested in this workshop, too? Please feel free to share this article with them. Thanks!


Larry Cornett is a leadership coach and business advisor. If you’re interested in starting your own business or side hustle someday (or accelerating an existing one), check out his “Employee to Solopreneur” workshop and community (launching soon).

Larry lives in Northern California near Lake Tahoe with his wife and a gigantic Great Dane. He does his best to share advice to help others take complete control of their work and life. He’s also on Mastodon (it’s better than Twitter 😉).

Larry Cornett
Invincible Solopreneurs
Invincible Solopreneurs - Make a living doing more of what you love
Do you want to make a living doing more of what you love? Are you ready to discover the power, freedom, and joy of solopreneurship? I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, a Business Advisor and Leadership Coach. I frequently work with frustrated employees who want to escape their 9-5 jobs and launch their own businesses someday. They want to maximize their lifetime earning potential, become invulnerable to economic instability, and take control of how they spend their days. I spent over 2 decades in the Silicon Valley tech industry and millions of dollars launching new businesses, products, and services. I've had some wins, and I've also learned how to avoid the mistakes many new business owners make. Over 12 years ago, I left my corporate career to build my own business to reclaim my freedom, health, and life. I want to help you do the same!