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🌟 8 Myths of Solopreneurship (Issue #74)

🌟 8 Myths of Solopreneurship (Issue #74)

Debunking some misconceptions

Is solopreneurship for everyone?

Of course not.

But I really don’t want people avoiding it because of a bunch of silly myths being perpetuated by folks who have never even tried building a solopreneur lifestyle business.

For example, someone on social media recently posted that solopreneurship is bad because:

  • Being the only person you can count on sucks.

  • You can’t take vacations.

  • You can’t be sick.

  • You can’t bounce ideas off anyone.

Sigh… These concerns are so misguided that I promised myself I would make a podcast episode to debunk them. So, here we go! Hit play and listen.

The 8 Myths

1. You can’t take vacations

2. You can’t take sick days

3. You work alone

4. You have to do it all yourself

5. You have no one to talk to

6. You’re lonely

7. There’s no water cooler serendipity

8. Your income is limited


I’m Larry Cornett, a Freedom Coach who works with you to optimize your career, business, and life. My mission is to help you take complete control of your work and life so you can become a more “Invincible You.” I live in Northern California near Lake Tahoe with my wife and our Great Dane.

Invincible Solopreneurs
Invincible Solopreneurs - Make a living doing more of what you love
Do you want to make a living doing more of what you love? Are you ready to discover the power, freedom, and joy of solopreneurship? I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, a Business Advisor and Leadership Coach. I frequently work with frustrated employees who want to escape their 9-5 jobs and launch their own businesses someday. They want to maximize their lifetime earning potential, become invulnerable to economic instability, and take control of how they spend their days. I spent over 2 decades in the Silicon Valley tech industry and millions of dollars launching new businesses, products, and services. I've had some wins, and I've also learned how to avoid the mistakes many new business owners make. Over 12 years ago, I left my corporate career to build my own business to reclaim my freedom, health, and life. I want to help you do the same!