You can't predict or force outcomes

i have some thoughts on hard work and the expectation of outcomes. It comes from a discussion with a few folks this morning.

There’s a belief that hard work and determination will always result in eventual success. I know I’ve subscribed to that philosophy before. But, it’s not true.

I think I'll never stop working hard. I get obsessive sometimes. However, now, I only work hard on my own projects. I haven't worked for an employer for over 12 years.

But, what I have finally learned is to work hard with no expectations for the outcomes. Too many things are out of my control and the world is too random.

I just keep working hard at what I enjoy (e.g., writing and podcasting), put it out into the world every week, and move on.

It seems to attract the right people (e.g., readers like you, potential clients, etc.), and I'm slowly building my tribe because of it. I refer to it as being an "Opportunity Magnet."

Making sure people are very aware that you exist, very aware of how you think and what you can do (your business), and it will attract the right people and opportunities.

Less push. More pull.

Less forcing. More attraction.