Quick Tip - Create Your Own Pond

"The key to success on the internet is not competing with the big fish. You have the opportunity to create a pond anywhere you want to and you can create that pond that’s perfectly suited to your capabilities”

— Ben Thompson, Founder of Stratechery

This is perfect for solopreneurs. We’re not trying to create the next Microsoft or Starbucks. We're building a small independent business to support us.

I know it feels incredibly limiting to niche down. You probably have a grand vision for your business.

But focusing on a tight niche is exactly what you need to do to survive and thrive in the early days of your business (and maybe forever).

The beauty of the internet is that you have relatively easy access to billions and billions of people around the world. Even if you focus on a very specific niche of potential customers, that niche can be several thousand people worldwide.

Thousands of customers is a sufficient number when you’re running a lean solopreneurial business.

So, don’t be afraid to build a small customized “pond” for your business that allows you to hone in on what you love doing and do best!

Question for you: What is your niche?

Answer in the comments below…