How do you overcome doubt?

Today on LinkedIn, someone asked if I ever have regrets or doubts about my coaching business, and how do I overcome them?

I replied:

“Oh, I've definitely had moments of doubt!

No regrets, though. It's been incredibly rewarding to coach and help people with no corporate agenda casting a shadow on things (as sometimes happens when you're a corporate leader).

Overcoming doubt isn't easy sometimes. I'd say the biggest moments of doubt come with the typical up and down cycles of any independent business (i.e., feast and famine).

I used to consult years ago and learned how to bank the good times and keep busy with working on my business strategy and operations during the quiet times. I'm relearning that!

It also helps to create a portfolio of small business services and revenue streams, so you're never overly dependent on one source.”

How about you?

How do you overcome moments of doubt?

man praying
Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash